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Ricardo Weatherborne Rich Royal Art

Ricardo Weatherborne is known for his luxury exotic abstract and fine art portraits that are more than just a beautiful piece of art, the designs in each of his art pieces bring out deep emotions and tell tales. His pieces are captivating and true one-of-a-kind show-stoppers. Ricardo creates his own style of art, every piece has it's own feeling. That what make his pieces one of a kind.


Instagram: Rich3x

Facebook: Rich A Million


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Centennial Church Praise Dancers

1834 Woodland Ave. 

Kansas City, MO  64108   

Phone:  816-421-5527 



Our FB Page:  The Historic Centennial United Methodist Church


Warren 'Stylez' Harvey

Warren ‘Stylez’ Harvey was born and raised in ‪Kansas City, Missouri. Warren also referred to as “Stylez” an alias used to denote his uniqueness has enjoyed creating art from a very young age. Warren works predominantly as a painter, using acrylic paint to illustrate his journey within. He creates to inspire and uplift himself and others.


Using bright vibrant colors, to display the creativity and beauty of The Creator. He has been on this journey for nine years; creating works known for their simplicity yet frankness. His talents extend beyond the canvas to include photography, dance, poetry, and inspirational speaking. He has had a multitude of successful art shows with the latest being an Expression of A Soul. His works have been showcased at various events in the Kansas City Metro area. He has worked with local business owners to create masterpieces for their offices.


As of late, you can find his work at Kansas City Foot Specialists in Overland Park, Uzazi Village, Ruby Jeans, The Westridge Art Gallery  and Event Space and The El-Scari Harvey Art Gallery, where he co- own.  His unique skill set allows him to create custom pieces to meet the smallest to biggest needs. He plans to continue to allow his inner voice to guide every brush stroke- creating future masterpieces. Warren Harvey lives by the mantra,  “I Am That I Am.”


He still resides proudly in Kansas City, MO.


Two Steppers


Video coming soon.

For private/group 2 Step or Line Dance Lessons, contact:



2 Step Instructor: CeCe

Messenger: CeCe Queen

Instagram: cecequeeniam

Email: stepn2lyfe@gmail.com


Da Dance Nation

2 Step & Line Dance Instructor: Dooragg

Facebook: Dooragg Da Danca

Call: 816.328.2913



Charles “Swavy” Jones

Charles “Swavy” Jones is a Kansas City based artist and entrepreneur most known for his vibrant paintings. The acrylic and airbrushed paintings of his are among his most notable work and have been shown across the city as well as featured in the Kansas City Star. Charles’ aim is to provoke thought and conversation through spirited storytelling and symbolism. His fashion line, Swavy Custom, keeps him busy as well while also tackling college. Charles attends the Kansas City Art Institute on a scholarship as 2022 Fibers Major. Becoming a more versatile creative thinker and sharpening his craft is what Jones is up to now. 


For updates on Jones’ work his website is www.swavycustom.com


Instagram: @charlesswavy


Watch the Progression of Charles Swavvy's Mural

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