2022 Cultural Parade | Saturday, June 4th @12PM 
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Marching proudly into the heart of the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District the JuneteenthKC Cultural parade is far beyond a procession of bands and floats! 

The JuneteenthKC Cultural Parade has become Kansas City's largest procession of African American pride and culture. Since 2017, the JuneteenthKC Cultural parade has welcomed the entire Greater Kansas City area and neighboring communities to enjoy live entertainment and family fun all as we celebrate African American freedom! 

This year's cultural parade procession will host over 100 parade entries and FREE community engagement opportunities for all attendees provided by Evergy, Reece Nichols, T-Mobile, Hallmark, and more!!

The JuneteenthKC Cultural Parade is proud to offer the opportunity to experience the vibrancy of African American culture and history while celebrating the spirit of freedom! 

 Hoping to inspire the continued fight for equality while celebrating the beauty of African American pride 365 days a year.

JuneteenthKC's mission is to promote the celebration of African American pride and heritage 365 days a year. 

This celebration was brought to Kansas City in 1980 by Horace Peterson III, founder of the Black Archives of Mid-America Inc, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, and American Jazz Museum) and continues through the leadership of his daughter Makeda C. Peterson, Program Director of JuneteenthKC.

Parking Locations

City Parking Lots @ 18th & Paseo to 18th & Lydia-115 Spaces 

Full Employment Council- 40 Spaces
Lincoln Building Parking Lot- 40 spaces 

18th & Woodland to 20th & Woodland- 100 spaces
St. Monica’s Catholic Church- 120 spaces 

Bethel AME Church-120 spaces 



Frank_White_2016 (002).jpeg

Frank White, Jr. has proudly served as Jackson County Executive since 2016 and is the first African-American to hold the position in the County's history. As the chief elected official in Jackson County, Missouri, Executive White is committed to building a better and more equitable community. 


County Executive White's vision to achieve that goal is rooted in the County's signature program, Our Healthy Kansas City Eastside, which aims to address health care inequities on the city's eastside by increasing access to COVID-19 vaccines and other preventative health services. He is also proud of the achievement to provide long-overdue fair, living wages to county staff and establish Juneteenth as a county holiday, ensuring the critical day in history is appropriately acknowledged and honored. 


A proud product of Kansas City's Eastside, attending Lincoln High School and finding his love for baseball on the east side, County Executive White played 18 years with the hometown team Kansas City Royals. During that time, he earned eight Gold Gloves and made five All-Star appearances, solidifying him a spot into the Royals Hall of Fame and the retirement of his No. 20 jersey at Kauffman Stadium. Highlighted by helping lead the Royals to their first-ever World Series Championship in 1985, County Executive White was the first second baseman to hit clean up in a World Series since Jackie Robinson. 


Before making it to the major leagues, one of County Executive White's first jobs was a union laborer working on the upper deck of the unfinished baseball stadium. That gives him the distinction of being the only Major Leaguer to play in a stadium he helped build. And now, he serves as the County's Chief Executive that owns the stadium. 


County Executive White is a proud husband, father, grandfather, and friend to many. Under the theme, United We Stand, he is honored to serve as the 2022 Grand Marshal for the JuneteenthKC Cultural Parade and looks forward to honoring the past, celebrating the present, and marching toward the future with you and your family. 


How will you showcase your freedom?

Parade Floats—Tips for Inexpensive Parade Float Ideas – Ultimate DIY Guide



Parade Banners—Banners are the easiest and best way to have your business identified during a parade. Banners are usually held by a couple of people or strung along the side of a vehicle.


Parade Signs—Signs are a great and useful tool for getting your name out there for not much money. Signs can be small enough for a child to hold, or as large as taking up the back of a truck.


Vehicle Decals—Create flashy and eye-catching vehicle decals to plaster all over displaying exactly what your business does and how it can help people with particular problems.


ASK FOR HELP— Use resources like brand managers, promotional consultants to come up with a solution to your parade needs! Take it a step further and ask for SPONSORSHIP. We want you to come out of the parade assured that you had a blast and improved the visibility of your business at the same time.


MAKE SURE YOUR GROUP’S LOOK IS COHESIVE—Wear branded apparel like shirts, hats, sunglasses, shoelaces, socks and use banners to get your message across! Get People's Attention—Think bright colors, loud, highly visible, large or unusual!

PICK A PRODUCT THAT HAS TO DO WITH YOUR ORGANIZATION—Think about your colors, your mascot, the needs of your customers or community, the type of business you operate. Choose something relevant to your work and that you want people to have!

  • Ex: Religious Tracts—Many churches or religious organizations take this time to pass out religious tracts showing the way to salvation. If you do this, don't be pushy about it or try to go through the tract with the person right there. Simply hand it out and keep walking. If they are interested, they will read it. Place a sticker with your organization's name, address and phone number on the tract so they can contact you for further information.

PICK SOMETHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE EVENT—Stick with the theme and the colors of the event to get instant use out of the product. Think cultural patterns, colors, shapes, and designs.

  • Ex: Flags—Hand out small RBG flags during the parade. Don't give more than one to each person or you may run out. Passing them out near the beginning of the parade route allows the attendees to wave them throughout the rest of the parade.

PICK SOMETHING THAT WOULD BE APPRECIATED AT THE PARADE—Is it going to be hot? How about something that cools you down like a cooling neck wrap, beverage koozie, visor, or fan? Raining? Ponchos or Umbrellas. Dry and windy? Lip Balm! Bright? Sunglasses! If it goes into use immediately, there are a bunch of people there to see it right away and advertise for YOU at the parade.

PICK SOMETHING THAT HAS UTILITY—And that people don’t already have or need more of. Think tools, first aid, flashlights, key rings, hygiene products, etc. PICK SOMETHING THAT WILL BE SEEN REPEATEDLY—Pick a product that the person will look at over and over, like mouse pads, bags, calendars, pens, office accessories, and apparel.

PICK SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN USE AGAIN FOR SOMETHING ELSE—Do you go to trade shows, have your own events, regularly give your customer’s gifts or the like? Buying in larger quantities will save you money in the long run!

  • Candy—Purchase large bags of candy to hand  out during the parade route. Individually wrapped candies are best, so you don't pass germs around and so children can pick up the ones that land on the ground. Lollipops, gum and mints are perfect. Small Toys—You can purchase small toys in bulk from online retailers or catalogs. Items like bouncy balls, slinkies and tiny animals are perfect. 

ENLIST FRIENDS IN THE PARADE TO HAND OUT YOUR STUFF—At the parade, most of the people on the floats are going to be handing out generic, unbranded items. If you have more than you need, get other folks to hand out your product for you! They will more than likely be happy just to have more stuff to hand out. With everything being distributed along the parade round, parade-goers rarely know who handed them something, which is why it is so much better for any items you distribute to have your logo and contact info on it.

MAKE SURE YOUR INFORMATION IS INTRIGUING AND THEY CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOU—Make sure that there is enough info on your product to spark interest and enable contact. You need your logo, what you do in very few words and website or phone #. Don’t overwhelm with text, but get them curious!

Ex: Business Pamphlets—If you are promoting a business or organization in the parade, put together a small pamphlet or flier. You can hand them out as you walk the parade route. Make it a magnet or tape a piece of candy to the back so people won't just toss it in the garbage. Include a coupon for your business to bring new patrons in.

the parade route 

2022 JuneteenthKC Parade Map Only.png